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Saving the Planet One Wash at a Time

The most eco-friendly carwash in California

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Why Wash at Planet Carwash?


Welcome to Planet Carwash, where we are committed to keeping your car clean and the planet healthy.

The state-of-the-art equipment used by Planet Carwash elevates your experience beyond what is available at an Express Car Wash. Industry-leading equipment, environmentally-conscious consumables, solar panels, arid landscaping, and recycled water all enable Planet Carwash to...


Save the Planet One Wash at a Time. 


You can expect to be served by friendly, smiling, and knowledgeable staff that will work their hardest to get your vehicle sparkling clean, in the most customer-service oriented and environmentally-friendly manner possible.


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Join the Unlimited Wash Club as wash as often as once a day, every day. Three levels are available to suit your needs: Aqua, Solar, and Planet, starting at $25 per month.


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Environmental Responsibility


At Planet Carwash, reducing environmental impact is our highest priority - along with providing you the best car wash in the Inland Empire!

Learn more about our approach to sustainability by scrolling below.

Solar Energy

Electricity to run the state-of-the-art NCS equipment is generated on site via solar panels, significantly reducing energy drawn from the power grid and reducing our carbon footprint

Recycled Water

Planet Car Wash recycles the water used in its equipment, helping to conserve and reduce strain on local water supplies

Arid Landscaping

Overall water consumption is minimized by using gravels, decomposed granite, drip irrigation, and low-water, drought-resistant shrubs and ground cover


Recycled Wash Products

Sludge filtered from the waste water is used in the generation of 3rd-party recycled products like asphalt roofing shingles and playground equipment

Saving the Planet

Planet Carwash is an industry leader in the Inland Empire, the only facility implementing their special combination of award-winning NCS equipment, resulting in the most energy- and water-efficient carwash available